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Baker Publishing

Book JoyKeeper by: Suzanne T Eller

Joy can feel elusive when defined by how you feel in a given moment or what your circumstances are at the present. Sometimes joy feels like it can be taken away, even when things are good.

During a long season, Suzanne Eller discovered six surprising biblical truths about joy. Those truths helped her see joy and God in a new light. You are invited to embrace those same truths! JoyKeeper will help you

· replace the need to hide emotions with honesty about how you feel
· redefine joy from an up-and-down feeling to who God is in the right-now
· discover how joy guides you through the hard places as well as the good
· run freely to your Source of joy, rather than try to do it on your own
· confront everyday joy stealers to live day-to-day as a JoyKeeper

Thirty practical and inspirational daily exercises are also included so you can intentionally practice these truths.

Includes a small-group study guide

Suzanne (Suzie) Eller
 is a bestselling author, Bible teacher, and cohost of the More Than Small Talk podcast. Suzie has been featured on hundreds of TV and radio programs. When she's not writing, you'll find her kayaking, hanging out with her "littles," finding the best food truck, or hiking. Learn more at

Book JoyKeeper by: Suzanne T Eller