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Candy Club

Candy Club Candy


BLUSH BEARS: These precious little bears are made even sweeter with their wholesome non-GMO ingredients! Their naturally-colored grape, cherry, and watermelon flavors make a delightful display.

Strawberry Puffs: Soft and chewy, these pink and white, sugar-sanded strawberry gummi drops are bursting with flavor! When you open them up you'll smell the heady aroma of juicy strawberries!

Choco Bears: Apricot, strawberry, strawberry-banana, marshmallow, and orange-flavored bears take a dip in super-silky milk chocolate in these adorably addictive uniquely delicious. 

Unicorn Gummies: Light and airy gummies in a mystically delicious array of fruity flavors. Take a magical ride with the rarest of candy — gummy unicorns!

Starfish: These fruity-flavored divine creatures are part marshmallow, part gummy to create a unique texture that is as magical as a Pretty, sweet, and full of beachy fun, these delightful gummy starfish will have you starry-eyed! Sit back, relax, and enjoy their delicious tropical fruit flavors 

Cupcake Bites: toothsome vanilla bites flecked with crunchy chocolate cookie crumbs. A mini version of vanilla cupcakes, these rainbow dotted morsels are just about as cute as candy can get! They’re also yummy, with a sweet birthday cake flavor and subtly chewy texture.

Rainbow Wheels: double the fun with these tightly-coiled, double-sided licorice laces! Unwind the bold, two-toned strings, or pop the whole wheel in your mouth for a fruity flavor explosion! Bold and fruity, these double-sided licorice rainbow wheels are bursting with flavor.

Volcano Gummies: The bright colors of this candy will call attention to any browsing shopper!Fall in 'lava' with these fun gummies that are positively erupting with sweet-tart flavor! With their unique shape and pretty colors, they’re also great for decorating your favorite candy crafts!

Sour Strawberries: Fresh strawberry taste dusted with a mouth puckering sour sugar. These sour strawberry gummies are sure to become a household favorite! Boasting a fresh and sour strawberry flavor in every chewy bite, these gummies make for a delectable addiction. Gluten Free.

Mermaid Pearls: Pretty pearls of rich milk chocolate coated in thin, crisp candy shells

Octopus: Get ready for adventure! These exhilarating fruit flavored sour gummies will be swimming into your heart and your tummy. Who knew octopus could be so scrumptious?! Full of flavor and full of color, the fruit flavored Sour Gummy Octopus will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Fruit Salad: Sophisticated and sweet, these succulent jelly fruits are infused with real pear, raspberry, lime, black currant and orange juices 

Lemonade Rings: ring in a new era of deliciousness with these non-gmo gummies! Featuring classic, strawberry, and pomegranate lemonade flavors, their uniquely delicious taste and texture will keep you coming back!

Bouquet of Flowers:A sweet arrangement of blossoming flower gummies in a mix of fun, fruity flavors!

Peach Hearts: These juicy, sugar-coated, soft and chewy hearts are sure to delight your senses with every aromatic and tart peach flavored bite!

Pink Cadillac: Go on a wild ride with this Candy Club exclusive candy! These cadillac shaped gummies are covered in thrilling sour sugar and full of delicious fruity flavor!

Dark Chocolate Mini Melts: Smooth and Silky dark chocolate coats a decadents center of rich and chewy caramel in these sophisticated little morsels. 

Santas Belts: Claus-itively mouth puckering strawberry sour belts.  

Frosty Firs: Tree-Shaped Frosted Pretzels decked with a festive holiday drizzle

North Pole Nonpareils: Disks of premium dark chocolate sprinkled with holiday nonpareils- a festive and indulgent treat!

Reindeer Noses: Shiny red velvet 'noses' filled with delicious cream cheese frosting bites.

Gingerbread Friends:  Spiced Vanilla Mingles with Marshmallow in these deliciously unique holiday treats.

Sugerless Chocolate Almonds: Crunchy Almonds dipped in smooth chocolate flavored coating.  The perfect sugar-free treat!

Gummy Dinos: These yummy mummies feature five fruit flavors in four Dino varieties: Stegosaurus, brontosaurus, triceratops and T-Rex 

Chocolate Toffee Peanuts: Roasted peanuts tossed in crisp sweet toffee, then dunked in luscious milk chocolate and sprinkled with powdered sugar to makes these ultra-rich decadent bites.

Dark Chocolate Twist: Crisp Mini Pretzels dunked in Creamy, Decadent Dark Chocolate 

Rainbow Sour Belts: Equal parts flavorful and colorful, these bright, tart rainbow belts are sure to bring a smile to your face and a happy kick to your taste buds.

Candy Club Candy