Joy Mail

What is Joy Mail?  

Joy Mail began in 2016 when our son in law was diagnosed with cancer. We had twenty of their friends send them Joy in the mail for the first twenty weeks of treatment. After the twenty weeks, our daughter and son in law decided they wanted to bring Joy to others battling cancer. It was then that we developed the 501c3 Personal Pep Rally and started giving boxes to the cancer patients we knew.  

In September 2018 we began a Joy Mail list. It was then we realized the importance of showing up for the cancer patient. We started the JOY MAIL list where we place cancer patients that receive mail. To land on our list, all someone has to do is send the cancer patients name and address to The patient will receive the first box, and then every month after the first month, they will continue to receive joy. The packages are packed by a group of cancer survivors and patients. This group writes uplifting notes to each patient. The purpose is to be a constant reminder to the patient that they are not alone on the journey of cancer. Joy Mail is the small boost that many patients need when they feel weary.