Pass On Joy Express

When our son in law, Marc, was diagnosed with cancer, his first round of treatments was 16 weeks. Since our daughter, Lauren, and her husband Marc don’t live in our town, nor do they live in a town where their friends are, I decided to reach out to their friends and have them send JOY mail. I knew that the one job I could do was be the cheerleader and enlist friends to be cheerleaders with me.

Because who doesn’t need a cheerleader?


If you want to set up a JOY Mail Express for a friend, it is simple:

  • Make a list of friends with their cell phone number and email
  • Send them this message


I am setting up a JOY Mail Express for our friend ____________. You know that ________________ has been dealing with ______________________ and it would be uplifting if they received a little something in the mail each week. If you would like to send JOY Mail, please respond to me with a yes and I will be getting back with you with dates.


  • After you find out who wants to participate make a list of Mondays during the period of time you have chosen. (You can do as many weeks as you have people.)
  • Send out a message with the calendar, have everyone choose a Monday.
  • After all weeks are taken, send out a master calendar with any details and include the address of the recipient.
  • Send reminders out on Sundays. (I set up everything by email then sent out reminders by text.)
  • Whichever Monday they chose, this is their week to send something in the mail. They can send one thing, two things, or just a card.

You can give participants a list of items to send or give them a list of suggestions.


Gift cards, movie cards, flowers, joy cards, cookies, pajamas, books, socks, hats, bracelets, any small nic-nacs.